Thursday 3 March 2011

Photo shoots and Fashion Shows!

Hey everyone,

Thank you again for checking out the blog, and thanks to the lovely people who have been so supportive on the facebook page too!

It's been a great week, as a gorgeous order of bags came through on Tuesday, from the fantastic Alice Cahill of  "Alice's Boutique".  Now I started with a very small selection, so I need you all to tell me what you think.

Alice makes everything herself, and uses some absolutely stunning material, which I just love.  Check out this brocade print...

I don't even think this picture does it justice, but the detailing on truly fabulous.  She did some beautiful clutches, that are so right to give an outfit, a bit of wow!

Then there was this black and silver version.  The fabric has such a luxurious feel to it, that it's impossible not to just fall in love with it, and it's most certainly a bag that can be dressed up, or down!  Now I'm showing you a picture of the purse...but again she did some clutch bags as well.

I can't wait to have these photographed for the site.  Hopefully we can capture the texture of the material, which is the real beauty of it.

This week was also the very first, Clasp Clothing photo shoot, with a ridiculously talented photographer, called Keith Adams.  Keith is a local man from the North East, who does some exceptional shoots, and I was so, so excited to work with him!  I'll be compiling the look book for Clasp Clothing, very soon, so will hopefully have plenty to show you! 

Was so much fun during the shoot, and I even managed to sneak a few of Hatastic's designs into some pictures.  The "Black Swan" inspired fascinator, complimented a black vest and beige harem trousers wonderfully!

And finally, I really hope to see some of you at the SOUK Fashion Bazaar, this Saturday!  It's very last minute for me, but I spoke to the organiser, Samantha Agnew, and she's just so helpful!  I won't be exhibiting, but will be there meeting people, and handing out some fliers for Clasp.  Good luck to all the people who are exhibiting however, and I'll definitely be chatting to as many of you as possible!

Speak soon, and thanks again.


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