Saturday 26 March 2011

Syndey Simpson and SOUK!

Wow, it's been a while, but unfortunatly a horrific cold got the better of me!  But I'm back on track, and have bundles to show.

First of all, after visiting the SOUK event I have to recommend this wonderful company, Green Therapy.  It's a company offering hand made, organic skincare, and the prices were crazy cheap.  The lady who was running the stall, was so professional when letting me try out the products.  No dunking your fingers in the tub, but using a cute lil spatula.  I liked that!  So check it out,   I tried the hand cream, and it was delicious!

I also had a good chat with the organiser, Samantha Agnew, and then spent a good half hour viewing her jewellery site.  Exceptional!!!/SamanthaAgnewJewellery  She was so helpful on the day, and she's got another fair booked up soon, which I'll hopefully be showcasing at!

NOW!  Sydney Simpson!  I've been meaning to put some previews up of the stock she sent through for Clasp, and finally have some previews.  I can't wait to get these up for sale, cause I know people will love them. 

When Sydney asked me what I wanted, one thing I specified was some Rose Gold jewellery.  My theory is, Gold is glamorous (or tacky if done wrong!), Silver is stylish....and Rose Gold is for the girl who knows her jewellery, and wants to stand out.  Check out these gorgeous items,

"Florence" necklace on a 18'' chain.  

"Secret Key" earrings

I adore those earrings...and pretty tempted to keep them for myself...but then I realised that if I kept doing that, there wouldn't be much left for the site.  She did some amazing bracelets for Clasp as well.  Both gorgeous, and both so, so different.  Few different colours available as well, so let me know what you like, and just let us know if you want something a bit different!

"Marilyn" Bracelet

"Eccentricity" Bracelet

The second one is my absolute favourite.  The colours, are just exceptional, and the pieces are so unique and random!  I love it, and again, I'm staying strong.  So if you like it, let me know and I'll keep it aside for you before they go on sale next month!

I've loved working with Sydney so much these last few months, and fortunately, we now have something new and exciting coming up!  I've been in talks with a wonderful company, Womankind, and from next month, Clasp Clothing, will be selling some gorgeous bracelets inspired by this amazing company.  A donation will be made from each sale, directly to the charity, so you can look gorgeous, and do your bit to help women all over the world!

That's all for now, but the next designer will be revealed next week!

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  1. This jewellery is gorgeous! I can't wait to see more when its available.