Thursday 21 July 2011

Introducing Sydney Simpson!

Eclectic Creations:  A gorgeous, romantic company headed by the talented jewellery designer Sydney Simpson.  Created in February 2010, and built up by herself, we can see Sydney bring new and more awe inspiring jewellery on an almost daily basis.

I met Sydney back in February and after a lot of discussions about what we wanted for Clasp, she put together a truly beautiful, vintage inspired collection, full of colour and charm.  To say I was blown away, is a massive understatement.  She was able to bring together beautiful trinkets, gorgeous colours and stunning elegance to create jewellery that is both fun, stylish and overall beautiful.

Eclectic really is the best way to describe her style, and using vintage trinkets and charms, means she is always full of even more inspiration, which is why she even offers to create custom pieces if need be.  So if you have something in mind, that you can't find on our site please do contact us on

One of the most key pieces put forward to Clasp Clothing, by Sydney, was a gorgeous silver charm bracelet, inspired by the charity, Womankind.  A delicate chain, offset by red, pink and silver charms, creates a stunning piece of jewellery to compliment any dress down day.  Priced at only £10.00, you can order yours once the site goes live, or again by emailing us to pre-order yours.

Other items put forward, include floral earrings, stunning rose gold necklaces, and antique owl chains.  And remember, all these items, are unique to Clasp Clothing.

Eclectic Creations as part of Clasp Clothing.

August 2011!

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