Monday 11 July 2011

Karina Hesketh

  Karina Hesketh...a true inspiration as to what a designer should be about. 

Based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, but being sold all around the globe, Karina is an experienced and talented bag maker, that creates unique, beautiful pieces taking inspiration from 1930's vintage frames.

We know how important exclusivity is to Clasp, and that is one thing that drew us massively to Karina.  She is known for never using a certain pattern, more than ten times, and for ensuring each piece is beautifully unique.  Best of all, she doesn't scrimp on quality.  Fine leather interiors, with a thicker hide, ensure a sturdy bag, which is still beautifully soft.  And with each bag being decorated by gorgeous items from across the world, some even dating back to 1910, we can ensure an individual, inspirational piece of work, to compliment any outfit.
Karina started her fashion career at a very young age, even spending time working on theatrical fashion.  This may be why she is gifted to give each of her pieces, the beautiful flair that makes them stand out.  Her talent and attention to detail, then led her to begin her own company, "Arrivee Peau". Creating beautiful leather and silk clothing, she created a stunning range of gorgeously constructed clothing, with one piece even being purchased by Princess Caroline, from a shop in Monaco!

With inspiration from Russian artists, Marlene Deitrich and Elsa Schiaparelli, you are sure to own a piece that captures a true love of fashion. 

And why not own a wonderful piece of fashion, designed by the same woman who created garments for both Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin!

Karina Hesketh as part of Clasp Clothing.

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