Thursday 25 August 2011

Rainy, wet and miserable - but in my skirt!

A day like today is truly perfect for curling up in bed with a book and a coffee! But unfortunately, a crappy cold meant that, that was how I spent the first two days of the week, so now it's time for some work!

Been meeting, and speaking to lots of lovely people this week, including fabulous bloggers and even more exciting designers!  So after a lot of poring and gawping, we have some collections to be added to the site very soon!

One I am exceptionally excited about, are some wonderful jewellery pieces by Harriet Kemp!  We already stock some of her clothing collection at but now we have some accessories to add to the mix!  And wait till you see them!  Really unique, almost bohoesque jewellery.  A real signature piece is the beautiful vintage perfume bottle, hanging from a chain!  These will be up on the site, and available to buy from next week!

Image 4We've had so many positive comments on Harriet Kemps work so far.  Especially, her silver chiffon skirt!  I've had a lot of enquiries about the way its made, and how it hangs, so I'll try and get some more pics of it up soon!  The skirt is a beautiful chiffon material, with an elasticated waist.  This beautiful piece is handmade, and embroidered with tiny pearls around the waistband.  Beautiful satin ribbons hang down the back, making this skirt a true statement piece, and ensures all attention is on you!

We wore ours with a tucked in black vest, and some jewelled heels.  How would you wear yours?

Image 4If skirts are you thing, but you're looking for something a teensy bit warmer for our rubbish Summer, then you must see the beautiful jersey skirt, but Elephtheria.  You can not falter this gorgeus skirt, in the most beautiful of colours.  It coordinates with everything, and still brightens up any outfit (or dismal day).  I've been wearing mine a lot recently, and you'll find that due to the soft fabric, and flattering fit, you won't want to take it off.  The perfect skirt for lounging around, looking fabulous!  It's a full floor length maxi too, which on lil ol 5'5'' me, looks perfectly draped and elegant!

I've teamed my skirt up with tiny vests and draping knit wear, and everytime, it just works!

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