Thursday 18 August 2011

The site is Live!

It's officially happened!  The site is now live.

We went live yesterday, and wow what a day.  No amount of coffee was enough, but we got through it!  After finally going live....and the views shooting up...the server went down.  On launch day, of all days! 

The company who dealt with my site, Source Code Design (, were fabulous however and were on the phone, email (and now letter!) to get it back online.  They also kept me updated every ten minutes on the progress of it, which kept me from going big thank you to them!

But ofcourse, there a big chance that if you visited the site yesterday, you were met by slow speed, lack of imagery etc.  So a big "I'm sorry!" for that.

But yeah enough of that!  The site is live, and features designs from 4 clothes designers, and 3 accessory designers. 

So far the pieces by Hatastic! have been doing exceptionally well, and we've received such lovely feedback!  Now everything you see in her range, is entirely a one off.  And they won't be remade.  So as soon as you buy are the only person in the world, to own that exclusive piece.

Serena Perks, who is a current clothing designer with us, has already extended her collection, after receiving amazing feedback on her current items.  I'll feature some previews very soon!  You can read up on her here:
Her new collection is exceptional, and will be available to buy within the next two weeks.

And Harriet Kemp!  The wonderful designer who brings us the grey suede corset, and silver chiffon skirt, has brought her new jewellery line to Clasp Clothing!  Again, available within the 2 weeks.

So please do check out the site, and let me know what your thoughts are!  Any questions or queries can be sent to!  And I will get back to every one of you personally.

Speak soon!

Nicky x

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