Sunday 9 October 2011

Northallerton, new clothes and newspapers!

I've spent the last few weeks preparing for another fashion fair, and it was truly worth it!  It took four attempts to fit the full collection, the rails, and the table into my car, and we even had to leave behind my beautiful mannequin!  But seeing the full thing together, was exceptional, and it worked out really rewarding.  Had to say bye to some gorgeous pieces, and a little piece of me always feels a little bit like, "should I have kept that one?!"

Especially the Owl necklace, by Eclectic Creations!

Looking forward to taking part in even more fairs over the next few weeks, but God help me, I will have my mannequin.  Apologies for the poor

I met some lovely stallholders at this event as well, one of which was the lovely lingerie shop, Philippa Hall. They had the cutest slippers and some incredible leggings, with brushed wool inside!  So soft, and warm, so I had to get some.  And after purchasing a couple of lovely items....I then entered a competition and won a free set of lingerie!  It comes in the next few weeks, so I'll let you know what it's like.  Their site is still under construction, but do save the link and check it in a few weeks,

This week, was double exciting as I received a phone call from the newspaper, Belper News, who were interested in featuring one of our designers, Harriet Kemp, along with a mention of the site!  I haven't even seen the final copy, but seen a pic that was sent through to me, but hoping I can get a proper copy through soon, and if so, will scan the article up on here. Thanks so much Belper News, and a big, big congratulations to Harriet Kemp!

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