Wednesday 30 November 2011

Christmas Shopping!

December means nothing but a whole lot of shopping, so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you some of my true favourites from the current Clasp Clothing collection!

First and foremost is this exquisite dress!  From the minute I opened this package, I was blown away by the vivid, daring shade of blue, accented further with gorgeous jewelled detailing.  Ideal for Christmas parties, or for when any occasion arises to be glam!  I have a habit of chopping and changing my outfit before any event, but this one is always a winner!
The designer is the very talented, Michele Michel.  This fabulous Brazilian designer incorporates colour into her clothes in a truly magnificent way which is something I absolutely love!  Vivid flashes of colour to highlight your already glamorous outfit.  This dress retails at £110.00, and is available at

I would love to lie and say I wear things as glamorous as that every day but it’s just not the case.  Occasionally, I need to throw on something soft, cosy yet still beautiful, and this stunning colour block dress ticks all of the boxes.  Plus I love the peachy colours to brighten a dull day!  Designed by Eleptheria, they are known for creating comfortable clothing, in vibrant colours. 

And, at only £48, it will be lasting me right through to Summer, so a definite staple!

One thing I hate about Autumn/Winter fashion is the assumption that everything must become boring and dull!  So I’m a definite fan of perking up my outfits, with a splash of something special, and this piece is truly fabulous!
Now I don’t actually get to wear this, as it’s a completely exclusive piece!  Designed by Harriet Kemp, it’s a one off necklace made from a vintage perfume bottle, and hanging from a long brown cord chain.  Only £30, and something that everyone will be talking about!

And finally...the most exceptional hand bag!  It’s a clutch, so incredibly on trend for Autumn/Winter, and designed by Karina Hesketh.  It’s large enough to hold the essentials, and is a beautiful soft leather, decorated with vintage travel ephemera.  We have three bags in this collection, and each one is completely unique!  There was four, but I had to keep a beautiful tan one for myself, but come on...who can blame me!  Only £60, and can be found at

But unfortunately, that’s all I can show you for now!  There will be so much more coming to Clasp Clothing soon, so let me know what you think of these beautiful pieces, and keep checking back to

Happy Shopping!

Nicky x

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