Friday 13 May 2011

All Coming Together!

Wow, what a busy couple of months!  Apologies for the absolute lack in updating the blog, but from now on, it should be all systems go.

The last couple months have been spent  meeting so many lovely people, and getting so many new ideas for Clasp.  And of course, bringing the website together!: 

The company who are working on my site, certainly need a mention, for the amazing patience that they have had working with me!  I'm not the easiest person to be fair, and changed my mind on designs, colours etc constantly...But things have become finalised, so the site will be up and ready for viewing oh so soon!  So yeah, - definitely worth checking out! 

The upcoming month, is all about taking Clasp Clothing out, to show people what we have to offer.  And on the 5th June, we're attending a market to showcase some stunning accessories!  It's at the Seaburn Centre, but do message me for further details!

Then on the 10th June, we're in York at a fantastic fashion fair!  By then, we should have the site live, and of course showcase more of the wonderful accesories, that will soon be featuring on the site.

Please, please let me know what you think so far!  There is so much more to come, and finally I'll be able to show the much asked about clothing! 

Don't forget to check out the Facebook page for updates at:

And the fun thing is....all of these items are now available to purchase.  In the UK and abroad!  Send us a message to enquire about getting your hands on some Clasp!

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