Sunday 15 May 2011

Makers Market

Relaxing back after a wonderful Sunday! 

After speaking to a lady recently, about exhibiting Clasp Clothing at an upcoming fair, I decided to pop by today to check out the other stalls, and see how much room I will actually have!  And I have to admit, I felt a bit intimidated!  The stalls were gorgeously presented, and the people were just so, so friendly!

Definitely need to do a couple of mentions, for some stunning companies that I saw.

Surf and Silver Sea Glass Jewellery!
This amazing shop has jewellery made from sea glass, all found on the local beaches in the North East.  The owner showed me some amazing pieces, with just captivating colours.  And made so much better that if you held it against the light, all of these different colours showed through.  I love how unique every piece is, and it doesn't seem like just jewellery, but real timeless works of art.  I most definitely will be buying one of their necklaces soon, and will be sure to upload some pics.  Check out her facebook at:!/pages/Surf-Silver-Sea-Glass-Jewellery/3186179352877

Little Town Bakery
Little Town Bakery, is owned by a fantastic lady called, Shona Morland.  She creates amazing, cakes and is so ridiculously generous.  I recently held a fundraiser for a family friend, who suffered from Cancer.  Shona travelled through to my house to deliver a gorgeous basket for me to raffle.  It was wonderful, and really touching that she would make such an effort to help us.  And back to her business!!  I have so far eaten, a delicious chocolate cup cake with butter cream icing, and strawberry cheesecake cupcakes!  Yes, Strawberry Cheescake!!  Delightful is the best word for it, so if you're based in the North East, and looking for a birthday cake, cupcakes etc, check her out!:!/littletownbakery

There is another lady who does amazing bath products, but I can't for the life of me, find her company name!  But at the next fair, I'll be buying some berry soap!  And I'll pass on her details then.

I truly can't wait to get more involved in this fair, and bring Clasp Clothing to it.  So look out for some pictures of the next fair, and anyone who is local...try and pop by to one.  They're very diverse and a really fun day out!

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