Saturday 11 June 2011

York's Fashion and Gift Fair and New Designers!

So many exciting things since the last post...I think maybe a more frequent blog is now needed!

The first big news...I've been in touch with the fantastic Maria Moderna, and they are the newest designer to sign up with Clasp Clothing.  The new range is being put together, and has a gorgeous variation of beautiful things for you to see!  Check out their Facebook Page, for an idea of what they already create, and then keep an eye out for some illustrations of their gorgeous pieces coming soon! 

We also signed up an exciting designer, Elephtheria, who have some gorgeous unique pieces being put together for Clasp

We have 3 gorgeous dresses coming from them, one in particular that I am very, very excited about!

Don't forget that every single thing you see on Clasp Clothing, is exclusive.  You won't find anything like it anywhere else, so if you're a fan of the designers, sign up for the newsletter so you can find out what's available.

So it's been a very busy few weeks, dotting a lot of i's and crossing a lot of t's!  So this weekend, I was desperately looking forward to a lazy weekend in York, after visiting the Fashion and Gift Fair.  And it absolutely was, but took a little bit of effort along the way!

The fair was held in York's Guild Hall, which was just stunning.  A really gorgeous venue for a fair, and just off from the Main Square.  In the directions I was given, I was told to park at Marygate Carpark, and then have a short stroll through the park to get to the Hall.  Well...this is wonderful in theory, but not so much when the park doesn't open until 10am.  Horrendous times walking through York in the rain carrying 2 suitcases and a laptop.  Which takes us to my outfit....not well thought through at all!  For some reason, I naturally expected the British weather to be lovely and sunny...obviously.  So I went for all black and wore...hareem trousers, cami and shrug, and sandals.  So first of all the rain, and then sitting in the Guild Hall!  A stone building...with no heating, so setting up was fun!

     But whining aside...I met some truly fantastic people!  I was set up to the loveliest lady,  who was telling people about their aura', and selling bottles of a kind of energy to set your mood levels right.  She asked me a few questions, and got me to pick a colour that I related to to analyse my mood...turns out I'm busy in the head! 

The customers coming in, were really receptive too, which was really heartening!  A lot of questions asked about the products, the site and the designers.  We had so much interest in the Womankind Charity Bracelets also, so will be adding more to that collection very soon!

If you want to purchase yours just send me a message.  It's only £10, and you can do your bit for a fantastic charity, which is doing it's bit for women across the world.

After a pretty awesome, yet busy day, I crawled back a beautiful hotel, Burythorpe House.  I've stayed there before, and always book the same suite, so couldn't wait to get there...and couldn't believe that when I got there, they offered me an upgrade! Happy is an understatement, as I got snug in a king size bed, in a huge room with en suite, after spending an evening in the sauna and spa.  And then finally, after a long, and glorious sleep...woke up to a three course breakfast!  Anyone who is planning a trip to York...make sure you stay there!  It's exceptional.  To me, service is incredibly important, so having the staff bring me extra towels in case I was cold after the sauna, or giving me a larger room as a thanks for booking in, was totally the icing on the cake! 

So we can definitely class that this weekend was succesful!  I spent a relaxing Saturday, handing out leaflets and shopping in the rain.  After relaxing with a croissant, I found such a lovely shop selling the cutest things to decorate your house with.  Pictures, wind chimes, dream catchers, candelabras, and all in really romantic styles and with cute little heart everywhere. 

In this shop, I found the most perfect frame, with a phrase in the middle.  It's a phrase, very similar to what a lot of people have said to me recently, and something that really does keep your focus head on!

"DREAMS.  Follow your heart and your dreams will come true..."

Have a lovely week, and please share your comments and thoughts on Clasp Clothing so far!  Had some fanstastic visits online, from people all over the world, so welcome everyone and stay tuned for a whole lot more from Clasp Clothing!

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