Monday 20 June 2011

Budding Designers

During the time spent setting up Clasp Clothing, one of the main things that has stood out to me massively, was how amazing peoples passion for their craft really is!  When I graduated from University, there were so many people around me, who seemed content with sitting back and waiting for great things to happen, but never having the drive to achieve it themselves.

But over the last few months I really have met some wonderfully inspiring people.  Fresh, new designers, who work in areas that are only vaguely related to their dreams of fashion, but spend all of their spare time creating pieces of art to showcase to the world.  Now don't get me wrong, having a well known designer piece, is an incredible feeling.  You love the label, the fabric, the ideology of wearing something almost exclusive.  And that is truly where Clasp Clothing, adds a new dimension. 

If a new designer has made something, you know it is going to be the best, because they're making a first impression, that they need to last!  Almost like a first date...If a new designer has made something, you know it is going to be individual and creative, because of course they're all brimming with that student eccentricity.  I love the passion that they put into every design that gets sent my way.  And I know that you'll feel the same way once you see them! 

Then of course you have the established designer!  Offering pearls of wisdom, and creating pieces that have been created, reworked, revamped and created all over again.  They know how to dress women to create the classic glamour that so many of us aspire to.  They know how to drape fabric in such a way, that a dress can look effortless, yet captivating.

All of the designers that Clasp Clothing are working with, are diverse.  All offering something unique and beautiful, and all offering exclusivity and innovation. 

Envision what you want to be, and let us help you create someone polished, stylish, and overall fabulous!

Clasp Clothing.  It's all in the detailing...

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